Sponsorship - Bee a buzz!

As a Brand of sports & leisure clothing, looking to the future, we would love to hear from any individual or team that would like us to consider a future together.   We are no Nike or Adidas, so to manage expectations, this is not the golden ticket. It is an opportunity to hit our peaks together. 

We would love to team up and work together providing clothing and opportunities to grow together.  Whether you are an equestrian athlete, a golfer, Netball team or a swimmer, it doesn't matter.  Neither does your age.  The only thing that matters is your determination and ability match our goals to be partners for the future. 

Please get in touch if this is you! sponsor@peoniesandbees.co.uk is the address and include a short introduction note.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Please Note: There is no time limit on applications. This is an open invitation for any individuals or teams in any sport or discipline that we see as a worthwhile partnership moving forwards.