BEE Tattoo? - BEE Rewarded

The humble bee is not so humble.  Our humanity depends on it.  No Bees -  No us!   We love bees (and Peonies -  Obvs!).  Since the Manchester Tragedy in May of 2017 the Bee has symbolised community and cooperation against such atrocities in the UK and far beyond. 

Several of the P&B crew have beautiful Bee tattoos and we want to provide a little extra something top those who have a bee OR peony tattoo.  A 10% discount off all orders.   Simply Whatsapp us a pic of your lovely tatt and we will reply with your code!   We will never publish your tattoo pic or share them with any company.  We are planning on building a digital wall of all the pics we receive over time.   If you would NOT like to be apart of that wall please say so in the text you send with your picture.   

Tattoo shown is by the wonderful Rachel Attrill -  Queen of Bee Tattoos x