Hi honey bees! I’m Claudie, The Founder & Queen Bee of Peonies & Bees.

Peonies and Bees are two of my most favourite things which is what prompted me to name my account & Etsy store (wait for it...) "Peonies And Bees". 

The whole ethos behind everything we do is to make it easier and fun to celebrate what makes you tick and the person you are. You'll find all sorts of products with options that you can personalise to showcase your talents, hobbies, socials or whatever ideas floats your boat. 

Whether you're thriving, striving or simply surviving; we've got you covered. 

Thank you, for all you do

- Claudie xxx

and so it begins...

the beehive

Claudie inherited creativity and craft shopping addiction from her Nanny, Anita. In 2019, Claudie started listing and selling personalised goods on her etsy store, testing the market...

Who sets up a business in a global pandemic?

Oh yeah, claudie.

Possibly the worst time to officially launch P&B, Claudie launched the prototype store just a week before the world stopped. Despite it all, the world's loveliest customers kept P&B busy and the beehive grew and grew. (Thank you.. gulp.)

The beehive continues to grow

and so the hive thrives with you all...

2021- we're building our team, the new site is live and ready to build a hive better than ever.