Social Influencers - Bee a part of Peonies & Bees success

Bee Successful together

Social media has revolutionised the way businesses promote their products and brand. In today's digital age, social influencers play a crucial role in introducing products to their followers and creating brand awareness. Peonies & Bees are on the lookout for individuals who can authentically connect us with our target audience and influence purchasing decisions to everybody's mutual benefit.  That mimics the synergy of Peonies and Bees.

Benefits of Being a Social Influencer

  • Monetisation opportunities through brand collaborations
  • Building a loyal and engaged follower base
  • Access to exclusive events and products
  • Opportunity to create meaningful content

We have a unique plan that is easy to get on board, that provides the ability to work together and be rewarded for your efforts.  It is trackable, with fast payments and we provide the complete plan, making it easy to get on board. 

The only provisos are that you and your social media MUST be completely honest, trustworthy and in keeping with a Brand such as Peonies & Bees.